open source

We have a number of Open Source projects on git hub :

Spree User Guide : Released under Creative Commons :


Datashift is an open source import/export tool for Rails projects, enabling database loading from Excel/Open Office spreadsheets and CSV files. Includes specific loaders and command line utilities to bulk load Paperclip attachments, assigning to any suitable model.

Spree specific loaders and command line utilities which provide facilities to load full Product data, with Variants, Images, Options and Properties

We also support loading digital assets into the Spree digitals extension

Adam is a Java/Swing desktop application written in JRuby, which provides data mapping and translation tools, such as the ability to parse and manipulate XML schemas (XSD) and translate to other forms such as database tables, Ruby classes, XML or Excel. The most innovative aspect, is that even the majority of the swing code, is actually written in Ruby via the JRuby platform. This offers the opportunity to leverage the dynamic nature of Ruby and provide completely open and dynamic transformation functions. Database access is via the excellent Rails ORM library ActiveRecord.